torsdag 20 oktober 2011

>>The Field

Swedish producer Axel Willner did it again! And I have a feeling its better than ever.

First time I heard The Field was after the release of his second album Yesterday & Today [2009]. I read about it, ran to the closest record shop to get my piece and it truly knocked me over. I have many times played the title track of this epos album to an curious audience getting into to the groove.

Now he released "Looping State Of Mind", again on Kompakt.

Axel Willner uses the software Jeskola Buzz and live instrumentation, mixing and recording tracks live for each album, although he uses a live band for live performances. After all, at its simplest, techno is music that can be built with just a few loops. And Willner's first few records certainly made effective use of the form, layering shimmering loops of voice and synth and guitar on each track until he'd built a fluffy and infinitely soothing wall of sound.

Here is the title track of his latest album, a track which so far is my favourite.

Here is the title track of the album "Yesterday & Today". Live drums and bass which you will hear very clear in the end.

And finally a sample from his "From Here We Go Sublime" from 2007