torsdag 22 november 2012

>> Late Nite Tuff Guy vs. Soul II Soul

To Life... Late Nite Tuff Guy. A classic hit from 1989 by Soul II Soul. Also, check out his edit of another classic, Glow Of Love by Change, released this year on Disco Deviance. I´ve heard tons of remixes but none as good!

söndag 4 november 2012

>> Blue Note Records on the move

motion... legendary hard-bop jazz label Blue Note, founded 1939 in New York.

söndag 28 oktober 2012

lördag 27 oktober 2012

>> Outstanding


 Hi there sucker of music!

Here is a track I really like and ususally use as a bridge between cocktail mode to dancefloor movements. 100BPM

Happy Saturday!

Toomy Disco a.k.a Mariano Iliuta from Buenos Aires
Toomy Disco - Outstanding

fredag 26 oktober 2012

>> Sinkane


I like Sinkane, do you? That's an alias of Ahmed Gallab, a solo recording artist from Columbus, Ohio. His percussion-heavy style of music draws from a wide range of influences, most noticeably free jazz to....hmm My Bloody Valentine. But who gives a shit, really.  Born in Sudan, Gallab and his family fled to the United States when he was six years old. He made his full-length album debut in 2008 on Emergency Umbrella Records with Color Voice. Also in 2008 he toured as the drummer of Caribou and Of Montreal.

Now he released his second album Mars. It looks like this.

I like Makin Time from that album, lets listen!

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

>> Tame Impala vs. Erol Alkan vs. Daft Punk

Even though Tame Impala fits perfectly in the category "worse band names ever", they're a great hope for guitar based music. And Public Enemy were wrong, I do believe the hype, if its justified. Music is usually good when you don't even reflect over such niggling things as a bands name. Well, I just did... but you get the point. Is The Beatles a great band name? No, that's right, its horrible but you never really thought about it as you were too much in trance digging Strawberry Fields...

Tame Impala, a bunch of avant-garde youngsters from the number four city of Australia, Perth. Their music could be described as psychedelic rock/neo-psychedelia/dream pop/space rock. But really, who gives a fuck anyway, just listen. They released their second album Lonerism on Modular Recordings now in October.

As a bass player and if playing rock, I would love to play in this band!

Song from new album Lonerism

Erol Alkan is a London-based Turkish producer. I don't love his music and re-works but this is a good tasty edit. Why Don't You Make Up You Mind from Impalas debut album InnerSpeaker [2010]  

I also give you Daft Punk v.s Tame Impala from the Tron soundtrack [2010]


tisdag 23 oktober 2012

>> Borderline 12" mix [1983]

 One of my favorite song and most charming productions with Madonna is Borderline from her self-titled debut released 1983 on Sire Records. Thanks to my older sister I heard this pop tune on repeat growing up. I just love how the all-over-the-place bass figures playing around with the somewhat complex chords, especially in the pre-chorus and chorus. The synth bass figure is dubbed with electric bass by the incredible Anthony Jackson. [The O´Jays, Chaka Khan, Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Rich]. Also 16 note hi-hat is great. Remember that this is from 1983 and even today with the easy access to music production equipment, one would probably be called a genius coming up with this pop groove what ever modern music style you're into.

Borderline was Madonnas first no. 10 hit and with the video [see below], she broke the taboo of interracial relationships. For the song, she used a refined and expressive voice to sing the song, backed by songwriter and producer Reggie Lucas's instrumentations. Considered as the best example of the working relationship between Lucas and Madonna, he pushed her to find emotional depth in the song. Although the voice sounding icy, the chorus style and the vocal range was later used by Madonna as her own personal range through her whole music career.

But, it was not at all composed with happy smiling faces. After recording the song, Madonna was unhappy with the way the final version turned out. According to her, Lucas used too many instruments and did not consider her ideas for the song. This led to a dispute between the two so Madonna brought it to her then boyfriend, DJ, producer and songwriter John "Jellybean" Benitez to remix the song and some of the other recorded tracks.

Original 12" sleeve

And the video!

lördag 20 oktober 2012

>> Funny Funk & An Der Beat

Extremely funny and at the same time, very good funk

Check also out the re-work of An Der Beat! I use it in my DJ-sets sometimes.

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

>> Shows this week

Thursday 18th at OCAÑA with Robbie AKBAL

Friday 19th at ULTRAMARINOS
If in town, please drop by!

lördag 6 oktober 2012

>> Ashford & Simpson at Ocaña

I´m in love with this song at the moment. Here we go back to 1982, mixing soulful disco and funk. Street Corner has a great production. Amazing brass arrangements, genius bass playing by Francisco Centeno and yes, it has a house piano riff as well before house was invented. Sometimes I find the verses from this era kind of boring and lame, dont really think they pass for the floor but this one do, especially with the brilliant brass arrangement in the end.

Ashford & Simpson wrote almost all hits for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell for Motown in the 60´s. I guess you have heard Aint No Mountaing High Enough, its them! The also wrote hits for Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and Teddy Pendergrass. Nickolas Ashford died of cancer in August 2011.

Will play it at Club Berlin Boutiqe at Ocaña tonight. Roger C [London] will join me in the booth. If you are in Barcelona, I´ll see you there!

fredag 28 september 2012

>> Niki & The Dove

Two great songs from Niki & The Dove, an electropop duo from Sweden formed in 2010. The group consists of Malin Dahlström [vocals], former member of Midaircondo and Gustaf Karlöf [keyboards. At the moment they are on tour in the US.

Mother Protect

Check out their album Niki & The Dove – Instinct [2012]


DJ, ease my mind

tisdag 18 september 2012

>> Remembering Jimi Hendrix

Today, 42 years ago, the 18th of September 1970, Jimi Hendrix dies in London. He would have been 70 in November.

My words here are useless, lets just listen. And for God sake, dont miss the documentary further down.

An old [and very good] documentary!

måndag 17 september 2012

>> The Mole

I found this track recently and added it immediately to my set list, now I´ll share it with you. Colin de la Plante, a.k.a The Mole is from Canada. Dance music fans in Victoria and Vancouver in the 90s heard a lot of The Mole in his infancy. His mentors, believing he had a natural talent, pushed him from his DJ beginnings into music production.

Conscience Down By The Tracks Near The 80 [2003]

måndag 10 september 2012

>> Goat, Afro & Voodoo

Swedish band GOAT is releasing their debut album, "World Music", the 10th of October on Stranded Rekords.

Goat is a collective of musicians from a small village in deepest darkest Sweden.

The nine track album follows the underground success of the 7” Goatman, which is also included in this selection. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro groove that is central to the album, through psych, post-punk, turkish rock, kraut repetition and astral folk. The band are at present preparing a live performance that will be gracing stages across Europe in October.

Check it out!

fredag 7 september 2012

>> Holidays, Bill Clinton & M83


Back again from some holidays in Vienna, Budapest and Croatia. The winner is Budapest, what an amazing city, vamos todos, pronto!

Here is some M83 featuring Bill.


fredag 17 augusti 2012

>> Holidays

Good morning beautiful person.

Tomorrow I leave Barcelona for some weeks! First Vienna for some days, then Budapest for some days more followed by 11 days on the islands of Croatia. Will probably not add so much to the blog during this time so here is just some good things to enjoy.


Midlake | Roscoe [Beyond the Wizard´s Sleeve Remix] | Groove Armada
Simply amazing. Check out whole album The Trials Of  Van Occupanther [2006]!

Purity Ring

The semi-mysterious Canadian duo are composed of James and Corin Roddick, the latter a member of spazzy Canadian electro-pop crew Gobble Gobble. They've done little in the way of traditional hype-making since their dramatic January arrival: no press shots, no interviews, and, thus far, no tour dates.  But that's about to change...

The footage from this video is from Swedish 1970 movie Thriller: A Cruel Picture. The movie is basically about to show Swedish actress, Playboy playmate and Penthouse girl Christina Lindberg in the nudes.

Lee Fields & The Expressions

Its new but its old, and its great!


tisdag 7 augusti 2012

>> New Nicolas Jaar remix

New version of Cat Power [Chan Marshall] song Cherokee. This one´s a remix by ambient experimentalist Nicolas Jaar. Born in New York but grew up in Santiago de Chile. Have a go or two! [Track 2 in the embedded player below]... 
Chan Marshall

Nicolas Jaar

>> Me DJ this weekend

This Friday 10th of Aug me myself and I DJ at gin bar Ultramarinos in C/ Sant Pau 126

måndag 6 augusti 2012

>> Disco Dave

My good friend David Ballester a.k.a. Disco Dave from Stockholm, Sweden just finished two mixes. He got some inspiration after visiting and playing with me in Barcelona early July. If he says no he´s a liar...
Check them out below!

He also has a blog, check that one out too! A Night Out With Disco Dave

fredag 3 augusti 2012

>> Lisa Pedersen

Lisa Pedersen, Gothenburg Sweden. 

In 2010, Lisa Pedersen released her solo debut album HEART MONSTER FEAR MACHINE and took Sweden by storm with her revamped live show which features Lisa on vocals and percussion. Yes, Lisa is a drummer too!

The sound is brave and rough, and luckily it doesn’t fit into the "Hello-I'm-making-Swedish-electro-pop-too"-group. Thank, with this simple but smart production, it’s the opposite of an over-produced Swedish radio-package. 

The confusion of pop, dance, ballads and to-dance-or-not-to-dance, [as Shakespeare would have put it] mixed with Lisa's unique voice makes it all more interesting and through the cold edgy sounds the songs grow and grow. I notice myself humming the choruses wandering around the streets of Barcelona.

Lisa has this tear in her voice that is so rare. Not many do. She could sing to you with only one guitar and put you to tears, but this time she invites you to something different. It’s a brave and uncompromising debut, keep on going that path, turn down the offers from the criminal minds of the industry, continue to work with modern, hungry up ´n coming producers. And if you want someone to do remixes, talk to me first, please! 

Lightblue ´83 / live on Sweden´s national TV 4

Drowning / Live at Hagateatern in Gothenburg

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

>> Shur-I-Kan

This track Like Rick Says from Sur-I-Kan [2012] is new in my set list, played it first time last weekend. Has this revival sound of old times...will probably end up in my next mix. Again I'm into the classic piano licks...

Happy Thursday! Happy August! Happy Summer!

>> Mysterious Nick Drake

When I heard Nick Drake [1948-1974] for the first time more than ten years ago, I heard something different and I actually thought that it was new music influenced by old times I was hearing, not a very young singer-song writer from the last hours of the 60´s and the very early minutes of the 70´s. I was immediately hooked by the dark beauty of his melodies and the tear in his voice. He failed to find a wide audience during his lifetime but his work has gradually achieved wider notice and recognition.

Drake suffered from depression and insomnia throughout his life and these topics were often reflected in his lyrics. On completion of his third album, 1972's Pink Moon, he escaped from both live performance and recording, retreating to his parents' home. There is no known footage of the adult Drake, he was only ever captured in still photographs and in home footage from his childhood.

On 25 November 1974, Drake died from an overdose of amitriptyline, a prescribed antidepressant; he was only 26 years old. Whether his death was an accident or suicide has never been resolved.

Drakes gravestone

Five Leaves Left [1969]
Bryter Layter [1970]
Pink Moon [1972]

My favourite tunes from Mr. Drake is Time Has Told Me from his début Fives Leaves Left from 1969 when he was only 21 years old and One Of These Things First from his second album Bryter Later, relased in 1970. Lets listen!

Time Has Told Me [1969]

One Of These Things First [1970]

onsdag 1 augusti 2012

>> Juvelen

Juvelen, the best modern song writer and composer of Sweden... a lot of people would say. Who? Him? No… but YES and you know Im always right.

Juvelen a.k.a Jonas Pettersson, one-man band from Stockholm, Sweden. Former member of indie-pop band Pineforest Crunch during the 90´s and the synth-pop band Kamera in the early 00´s. Juvelen is a mix of soul, R'n'B , and laid back electronic funk. All recorded and produced with small simple recourses at home.

I usually don’t compare artists any more (whats the point, if its good its good, focus on listening to the music instead of spending the whole song trying t find out what it sounds like. If its good, its good, end of story) But ok, here I will mention it, Juvelen has an inspiration of the one and only Prince when it comes to the falsetto voice and Juvelen has this unique touch and expression that makes you want to here more. Prince is an genious and it is with happiness I say that Juvelen has perfect control of his falsetto...yes, live too.

During late summer of 2006 he was discovered on MySpace with his song Hanna and released his EP Watch Your Step in 2007 on label Hybris. I saw him live during 2008, back then he went on stage plugging in his iPod with back track except guitar and his voice which is live. I met him him after a gig in Gothenburg 2007 and he said he was going to release another EP but it turned out to be a whole album. Its simply called "1" and was relased in 2008. Hes been playing in Barcelona at Sala Razzmattazz two times since I moved here in.

Lets enjoy some selections of mine, the second is a live clip from P3 Guld awards 2007. [P3, national radio channel 3 of Sweden]. He won in the category "Best new artist"

Baby when you're gone | Album "1" [2008]

Hanna live 2007

Summer-springAlbum "1" [2008]

Watch Your Step Album "1" [2008]

Cool video [with a lot of Cheap Monday jeans...]

New video 2011

tisdag 31 juli 2012

>> Tiger Lou

Haven't listen to Tiger Lou for a while... damned! Tiger Lou is Rasmus Kellerman, a 28 year old songwriter from Sweden. The song The Loyal is from album with same name [2005]. Dark, beautiful and groovy! When Tiger Lou tour, it transforms into a five piece band featuring Pontus Levahn (drums), Erik Welén (bass), Mathias Johansson (guitar) and the latest member Johnny Karlsson (keyboards/guitar).

2004 – Is My Head Still On?
2005 – The Loyal
2008 – A Partial Print

The Loyal [radio edit]
Coalitions from album A Partial Print [2008]

>> Setting up Dansa! Dansa! Dansa! 03 | Cala Canyelles

A small clip of us setting up my beach party Dansa! Dansa! Dansa! in Cala Canyelles, one hour north of Barcelona along Costa Brava. Me and Lee Webster were behind the wheels with an amazing bunch of people from all over. Next party Sat. 8th of Sept!

Cala Canyelles from above

Beach bar [Chiringuito] Cala Canyelles

 Bea[it]ch check!

Party is on!

måndag 30 juli 2012

>> Jimpster is funk

Its Monday today. Hi Monday, I really like this tune by Jimpster! Played it on my beach party this Saturday!

tisdag 24 juli 2012

>> Studio & Todd Terje

I really like the music from Studio. This duo consists of Rasmus Hägg and Dan Lissvik from Gothenburg, Sweden. Their album West Coast was chosen by Rough Trade in London as one of the 10 best albums of 2007 and they have remixed artists such as Kylie Minogue and A Mountain of One. Rasmus Hägg has also produced Gothenburg artist El Perro Del Mar [Sarah Assbring] album Love Is Not PoP [2008].

Here is Todd Terjes remix of Life’s a beach from that album. I used to play it out a lot before. This weekend I will for sure fit this Balearic housy tune for my beach set north of Barcelona. The bass figure change at 03:15 gives me something close to an about you?