fredag 17 augusti 2012

>> Holidays

Good morning beautiful person.

Tomorrow I leave Barcelona for some weeks! First Vienna for some days, then Budapest for some days more followed by 11 days on the islands of Croatia. Will probably not add so much to the blog during this time so here is just some good things to enjoy.


Midlake | Roscoe [Beyond the Wizard´s Sleeve Remix] | Groove Armada
Simply amazing. Check out whole album The Trials Of  Van Occupanther [2006]!

Purity Ring

The semi-mysterious Canadian duo are composed of James and Corin Roddick, the latter a member of spazzy Canadian electro-pop crew Gobble Gobble. They've done little in the way of traditional hype-making since their dramatic January arrival: no press shots, no interviews, and, thus far, no tour dates.  But that's about to change...

The footage from this video is from Swedish 1970 movie Thriller: A Cruel Picture. The movie is basically about to show Swedish actress, Playboy playmate and Penthouse girl Christina Lindberg in the nudes.

Lee Fields & The Expressions

Its new but its old, and its great!