onsdag 1 augusti 2012

>> Juvelen

Juvelen, the best modern song writer and composer of Sweden... a lot of people would say. Who? Him? No… but YES and you know Im always right.

Juvelen a.k.a Jonas Pettersson, one-man band from Stockholm, Sweden. Former member of indie-pop band Pineforest Crunch during the 90´s and the synth-pop band Kamera in the early 00´s. Juvelen is a mix of soul, R'n'B , and laid back electronic funk. All recorded and produced with small simple recourses at home.

I usually don’t compare artists any more (whats the point, if its good its good, focus on listening to the music instead of spending the whole song trying t find out what it sounds like. If its good, its good, end of story) But ok, here I will mention it, Juvelen has an inspiration of the one and only Prince when it comes to the falsetto voice and Juvelen has this unique touch and expression that makes you want to here more. Prince is an genious and it is with happiness I say that Juvelen has perfect control of his falsetto...yes, live too.

During late summer of 2006 he was discovered on MySpace with his song Hanna and released his EP Watch Your Step in 2007 on label Hybris. I saw him live during 2008, back then he went on stage plugging in his iPod with back track except guitar and his voice which is live. I met him him after a gig in Gothenburg 2007 and he said he was going to release another EP but it turned out to be a whole album. Its simply called "1" and was relased in 2008. Hes been playing in Barcelona at Sala Razzmattazz two times since I moved here in.

Lets enjoy some selections of mine, the second is a live clip from P3 Guld awards 2007. [P3, national radio channel 3 of Sweden]. He won in the category "Best new artist"

Baby when you're gone | Album "1" [2008]

Hanna live 2007

Summer-springAlbum "1" [2008]

Watch Your Step Album "1" [2008]

Cool video [with a lot of Cheap Monday jeans...]

New video 2011