fredag 3 augusti 2012

>> Lisa Pedersen

Lisa Pedersen, Gothenburg Sweden. 

In 2010, Lisa Pedersen released her solo debut album HEART MONSTER FEAR MACHINE and took Sweden by storm with her revamped live show which features Lisa on vocals and percussion. Yes, Lisa is a drummer too!

The sound is brave and rough, and luckily it doesn’t fit into the "Hello-I'm-making-Swedish-electro-pop-too"-group. Thank, with this simple but smart production, it’s the opposite of an over-produced Swedish radio-package. 

The confusion of pop, dance, ballads and to-dance-or-not-to-dance, [as Shakespeare would have put it] mixed with Lisa's unique voice makes it all more interesting and through the cold edgy sounds the songs grow and grow. I notice myself humming the choruses wandering around the streets of Barcelona.

Lisa has this tear in her voice that is so rare. Not many do. She could sing to you with only one guitar and put you to tears, but this time she invites you to something different. It’s a brave and uncompromising debut, keep on going that path, turn down the offers from the criminal minds of the industry, continue to work with modern, hungry up ´n coming producers. And if you want someone to do remixes, talk to me first, please! 

Lightblue ´83 / live on Sweden´s national TV 4

Drowning / Live at Hagateatern in Gothenburg