fredag 28 september 2012

>> Niki & The Dove

Two great songs from Niki & The Dove, an electropop duo from Sweden formed in 2010. The group consists of Malin Dahlström [vocals], former member of Midaircondo and Gustaf Karlöf [keyboards. At the moment they are on tour in the US.

Mother Protect

Check out their album Niki & The Dove – Instinct [2012]


DJ, ease my mind

tisdag 18 september 2012

>> Remembering Jimi Hendrix

Today, 42 years ago, the 18th of September 1970, Jimi Hendrix dies in London. He would have been 70 in November.

My words here are useless, lets just listen. And for God sake, dont miss the documentary further down.

An old [and very good] documentary!

måndag 17 september 2012

>> The Mole

I found this track recently and added it immediately to my set list, now I´ll share it with you. Colin de la Plante, a.k.a The Mole is from Canada. Dance music fans in Victoria and Vancouver in the 90s heard a lot of The Mole in his infancy. His mentors, believing he had a natural talent, pushed him from his DJ beginnings into music production.

Conscience Down By The Tracks Near The 80 [2003]

måndag 10 september 2012

>> Goat, Afro & Voodoo

Swedish band GOAT is releasing their debut album, "World Music", the 10th of October on Stranded Rekords.

Goat is a collective of musicians from a small village in deepest darkest Sweden.

The nine track album follows the underground success of the 7” Goatman, which is also included in this selection. The band takes in many influences, from the Afro groove that is central to the album, through psych, post-punk, turkish rock, kraut repetition and astral folk. The band are at present preparing a live performance that will be gracing stages across Europe in October.

Check it out!

fredag 7 september 2012

>> Holidays, Bill Clinton & M83


Back again from some holidays in Vienna, Budapest and Croatia. The winner is Budapest, what an amazing city, vamos todos, pronto!

Here is some M83 featuring Bill.