söndag 28 oktober 2012

>> Sunday chill with Recloose

Recloose - Cardilology [Isolee remix] 2008

lördag 27 oktober 2012

>> Outstanding


 Hi there sucker of music!

Here is a track I really like and ususally use as a bridge between cocktail mode to dancefloor movements. 100BPM

Happy Saturday!

Toomy Disco a.k.a Mariano Iliuta from Buenos Aires
Toomy Disco - Outstanding

fredag 26 oktober 2012

>> Sinkane


I like Sinkane, do you? That's an alias of Ahmed Gallab, a solo recording artist from Columbus, Ohio. His percussion-heavy style of music draws from a wide range of influences, most noticeably free jazz to....hmm My Bloody Valentine. But who gives a shit, really.  Born in Sudan, Gallab and his family fled to the United States when he was six years old. He made his full-length album debut in 2008 on Emergency Umbrella Records with Color Voice. Also in 2008 he toured as the drummer of Caribou and Of Montreal.

Now he released his second album Mars. It looks like this.

I like Makin Time from that album, lets listen!

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

>> Tame Impala vs. Erol Alkan vs. Daft Punk

Even though Tame Impala fits perfectly in the category "worse band names ever", they're a great hope for guitar based music. And Public Enemy were wrong, I do believe the hype, if its justified. Music is usually good when you don't even reflect over such niggling things as a bands name. Well, I just did... but you get the point. Is The Beatles a great band name? No, that's right, its horrible but you never really thought about it as you were too much in trance digging Strawberry Fields...

Tame Impala, a bunch of avant-garde youngsters from the number four city of Australia, Perth. Their music could be described as psychedelic rock/neo-psychedelia/dream pop/space rock. But really, who gives a fuck anyway, just listen. They released their second album Lonerism on Modular Recordings now in October.

As a bass player and if playing rock, I would love to play in this band!

Song from new album Lonerism

Erol Alkan is a London-based Turkish producer. I don't love his music and re-works but this is a good tasty edit. Why Don't You Make Up You Mind from Impalas debut album InnerSpeaker [2010]  

I also give you Daft Punk v.s Tame Impala from the Tron soundtrack [2010]


tisdag 23 oktober 2012

>> Borderline 12" mix [1983]

 One of my favorite song and most charming productions with Madonna is Borderline from her self-titled debut released 1983 on Sire Records. Thanks to my older sister I heard this pop tune on repeat growing up. I just love how the all-over-the-place bass figures playing around with the somewhat complex chords, especially in the pre-chorus and chorus. The synth bass figure is dubbed with electric bass by the incredible Anthony Jackson. [The O´Jays, Chaka Khan, Dizzy Gillespie, Buddy Rich]. Also 16 note hi-hat is great. Remember that this is from 1983 and even today with the easy access to music production equipment, one would probably be called a genius coming up with this pop groove what ever modern music style you're into.

Borderline was Madonnas first no. 10 hit and with the video [see below], she broke the taboo of interracial relationships. For the song, she used a refined and expressive voice to sing the song, backed by songwriter and producer Reggie Lucas's instrumentations. Considered as the best example of the working relationship between Lucas and Madonna, he pushed her to find emotional depth in the song. Although the voice sounding icy, the chorus style and the vocal range was later used by Madonna as her own personal range through her whole music career.

But, it was not at all composed with happy smiling faces. After recording the song, Madonna was unhappy with the way the final version turned out. According to her, Lucas used too many instruments and did not consider her ideas for the song. This led to a dispute between the two so Madonna brought it to her then boyfriend, DJ, producer and songwriter John "Jellybean" Benitez to remix the song and some of the other recorded tracks.

Original 12" sleeve

And the video!

lördag 20 oktober 2012

>> Funny Funk & An Der Beat

Extremely funny and at the same time, very good funk

Check also out the re-work of An Der Beat! I use it in my DJ-sets sometimes.

tisdag 16 oktober 2012

>> Shows this week

Thursday 18th at OCAÑA with Robbie AKBAL

Friday 19th at ULTRAMARINOS
If in town, please drop by!

lördag 6 oktober 2012

>> Ashford & Simpson at Ocaña

I´m in love with this song at the moment. Here we go back to 1982, mixing soulful disco and funk. Street Corner has a great production. Amazing brass arrangements, genius bass playing by Francisco Centeno and yes, it has a house piano riff as well before house was invented. Sometimes I find the verses from this era kind of boring and lame, dont really think they pass for the floor but this one do, especially with the brilliant brass arrangement in the end.

Ashford & Simpson wrote almost all hits for Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell for Motown in the 60´s. I guess you have heard Aint No Mountaing High Enough, its them! The also wrote hits for Diana Ross, Chaka Khan and Teddy Pendergrass. Nickolas Ashford died of cancer in August 2011.

Will play it at Club Berlin Boutiqe at Ocaña tonight. Roger C [London] will join me in the booth. If you are in Barcelona, I´ll see you there!