torsdag 25 oktober 2012

>> Tame Impala vs. Erol Alkan vs. Daft Punk

Even though Tame Impala fits perfectly in the category "worse band names ever", they're a great hope for guitar based music. And Public Enemy were wrong, I do believe the hype, if its justified. Music is usually good when you don't even reflect over such niggling things as a bands name. Well, I just did... but you get the point. Is The Beatles a great band name? No, that's right, its horrible but you never really thought about it as you were too much in trance digging Strawberry Fields...

Tame Impala, a bunch of avant-garde youngsters from the number four city of Australia, Perth. Their music could be described as psychedelic rock/neo-psychedelia/dream pop/space rock. But really, who gives a fuck anyway, just listen. They released their second album Lonerism on Modular Recordings now in October.

As a bass player and if playing rock, I would love to play in this band!

Song from new album Lonerism

Erol Alkan is a London-based Turkish producer. I don't love his music and re-works but this is a good tasty edit. Why Don't You Make Up You Mind from Impalas debut album InnerSpeaker [2010]  

I also give you Daft Punk v.s Tame Impala from the Tron soundtrack [2010]